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What do I get with a website?

What you get is a handmade, high-performance, high-security, 100% uptime, best SEO-rated website!

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Information / F.A.Q.

In this section you can read up on our services and what we provide our customers!

Handmade Websites

You read correctly! Every single website we develop and maintain is handmade by our experienced team!

Performance Optimization

We use a C.D.N. (Content Delivery Network) to provide a high speed delivery to your clients no matter where in the world they are! We also use many technologies to speed up your site such as:

  • Minifying
  • High Speed VPS
  • Brotli Compression
  • Early Hints
  • Network Level Caching

We use high-security algorithms to keep your information and access to your website secure. Algorithms such as R.S.A. to secure the hardware of the host. S.S.L. certificates to protect you and your client’s sensitive information as it’s passed from client to website. S.H.A. For passwords and so many more!


We use special firewalls that employ Fail2Ban practices. Anyone not authorized to log in to your website as an administrator will be instantly banned from attempting to log in! We value your online safety as it is our safety.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or S.E.O. is what causes some websites to appear higher in search results than others when looking up certain keywords. Through the use of professional tools, we analyze your website and all of its content and optimize it to be as high on the list of search results as it can!

100% Uptime

100% Uptime seems impossible, right? Well, with our large network of virtual private servers, (V.P.S.) we can ensure your website will be available for anyone to visit year-round. If your site still runs into an outage, we are always diligent to resolve any issues that cause any amount of downtime and are prepared to offer credit to you in the event of extended outages.

Full Site Backups

We have you covered, if it’s a hardware failure, update causing site issues, data loss, or major catastrophe. Ather Technologies will always store multiple copies on-site and off-site of every backup we make.

Email Accounts

We also provide email solutions! If you ever wanted a [email protected] email well we have good news for you! Just mention you’re interested in email services and we will get you exactly what you’re looking for!


Website Design (page/post design)

$80 / page
  • One time fee
  • High performance design
  • Designed as you planned
  • Free recommendations